Traditionally baked in a heap of rock
salt. It is a very tedious cooking process
as it requires lots of efforts and preparation
to prepare this dish. With time being so
essential to modern people these days,
this dish is rarely prepared anymore.

We believe in using only Kampong Chicken
which is considered a premium due to its
supposedly better flavor, tender meat and
lesser fat content. Our salted baked whole
chicken comes in 2 tasty flavours; Dang Gui
and Original. Dang gui is commonly used by men
and women alike as a superb blood tonic as it is considered an important blood vitalizing herb (e.g.
it improves blood circulation)

Today with a little engineering innovation, Kampong 18 possesses the capability to commercialize this
rare delicacy and made it easily available to all
(while maintaining the traditional taste of course). Best part is, it can be easily available with just a phone call away!!
Our dream is to give our customers the experience of traditional food
in authentic taste."

Also available in your neighborhood through
our distributors. Locations can be found in our
delivery page.