Using Kampong Chicken, marinated in traditional herbs and spices including ‘Dang Gui’, our Salt-Baked Chickens are cooked traditionally in a state-of-the-art oven, for that authentic taste and that prefect golden brown look.


Eating paper that sticks to the meat of the chicken is a thing of the past.Authenticity in its purest sense

Using traditional Chinese herbs and kampong chicken in our steaming process which is suitable for all ages.

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1. What is Salt Baked Chicken?
  Salt baked chicken has a long history and is traditionally baked in a heap of hot salt; the process is tedious and requires lots of effort. It is hardly prepared by much people these days due to its tedious procedure and eventually it is slowly getting uncommon.
2. What are the reheating instructions?
  From Room Temperature
Steam approximately 15 minutes or microwave under High power for 8 to 12 minutes.

From Chiller
Steam approximately 20 minutes with the vacuum bag or microwave with hole in vacuum bag under High power for 6 minutes on each side. Turn over after 6 minutes.


3. Why does the gravy in the chicken seem bloody at times?
  Since we use only fresh chickens and not frozen ones, these are the small amount of blood residue left in the flesh of the chicken. In short, it is a proof of freshness of our chickens.

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4. How is our salted baked and herbal chicken packed?
  Our chicken is vacuum packed and frozen to preserve the freshness, tastiness, as well as keeping our customers in mind for an easy sumptious meal. All you need to do is to defrost and reheat the food.
5. What kind of salt do we use to bake our chickens?
  We use Australia's original raw sea salt to bake our chickens. Also, when we bake the chickens, we use special food grade water proof baking paper so that the chicken will not come in contact with the sea salt directly. Thus, when cooked, the chicken will not be overly salted.