Foodies in Singapore now have one more reason to eat in the comfort of home. Kampong18, who has been active in food fairs in 2010 hawking their Salt-Baked, Free-range or better known as Kampong Chicken, is now offering home delivery service.

Salt-Baked Chicken is a Southern China delicacy which is seldom cooked at home these days due to the long preparation and cooking time needed. Preparing it the traditional way would require the chicken to be baked (usually in a Wok) in hot salt for at least 2 hours after it has been marinated in traditional herbs and spices usually including ‘Dang Gui’. Buying it from restaurants or hawker stalls is almost non-existent in Singapore.

Using high-tech equipments, Kampong 18 was able to mass-produce to cater to market demand, at the same time maintaining traditional taste and quality. To keep the dish as authentic as possible, we chose to use kampong chicken as its meat would be leaner and more tender.

In order to reach out to more consumers, Kampong 18 set up their first retail outlet in October last year. Home & office delivery is a natural extension of our business to cater to all Singaporeans. At current promotional price of $18.50 per chicken and $3 for delivery, Kampong 18 wants to make their Salt-Baked Kampong Chicken affordable to all Singaporeans.

Customers can call 6570 9161 or go online at to know more about us. Kampong 18 is open daily from 11am to 6pm.