Traditional Cooking Method: The traditional cooking method is the use of heat from rock sea salt and the wrapped chicken were buried within the rock sea salt, the heat produced by rock salt will then slowly cooked, smoked and roasted the chicken.  This tradition way of salt baked chicken cooking method needed 2 to 3 hours.

To use Hand or Chop-stick to Eat only in Old Day: In 1950 and 1960, we remembered older people know how to enjoy the way of eating the chicken, they would use hand or chop-stick to tear apart the meat when eating, unlike today, the chicken had to be chopped before serving.  That kind of culture using hand to eat is rare now.

Younger Generation do not Understand What is Salt Baked Chicken: In today’s modern society and lifestyle, time is very precious for majority of people and cooking salt baked chicken is not only time consuming, it is cumbersome too. In addition, the high cost of buying stainless steel utensil. To most ordinary family, they don’t have time and effort to use this traditional method of cooking salt baked chicken anymore. While the younger generation do not understand what is salt baked chicken nor do they have the opportunity to taste this nearly lost traditional salt baked chicken in the market easily.

Rare in Authentic Cooking Method: Presently, using authentic cooking method is very rare or it is almost impossible in today's Singapore, however, some business would like to maintain and provide this traditional flavour of salt baked chicken to the public. But to cook salt baked chicken require the use of stainless steel wok as the use of normal metal wok which get rusty easily after contact with salt, the cost is very high. In order to save cost, many restaurant use simple practice by seasoning the chicken with salt seasoning spice or immerse chicken in the salt water, then steam it or roast it in the standard oven. This cooking is relatively simple but authentic flavour is lost.

Mass Production possible now: By converting the Traditional way cooking method to industrialise production, it is the way to solve the problem of mass production not only in quantity, it also reduce the costing, we had done a lot of research to design and manufacture automation of very large stainless steel oven by our self which can be used time and time again to do mass production, it has not only addressed the issue of high cost, we are also able to launch at reasonable prices to meet and develop the neighbourhood market.  Therefore every family and younger people would be able to purchase and taste this nearly lost traditional salt baked chicken easily especially to those older people who can enjoy the chicken once again with our presence.

Vacuum Packaging: With vacuum packaging, Salt baked chicken can be easily stored in freezer or chillier for a period of time without losing it original flavour.

Only Kampong Chicken used: Nowadays, with everyone conscious about healthy food. We use only Kampong chicken to salt baked, which has very little fat. Due to our method of cooking by wrapping the chicken and slow cook it, this enable the meat to absorb the flavour within and increase the aroma of food.  The meat is moist, tender, juicy and best eaten without any other sauce.

Healthy and tasty in Oven Baked method: Roasted and baked method of cooking are difference. Roast cooked are heated with open flame and meat are drier after cooked,  While baked cooking is not in contact with flame directly, normally there is a layer of protection in between the heat and the meat, therefore the meat moisture is not lost,  instead the meat will absorb more flavour which make it very tasty.